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Many factors must be considered in the college selection and application process. It is extremely important to know how a student learns, what motivates a student, the desired college environment, the student’s interests and talents, and the goals of the student as the college search begins.  

A tailored and personalized approach with a caring and knowledgeable educational consultant is needed to help students find their college paths. It is best to begin this process as early as possible so that the student is focused on the proper college requirements needed and can set goals for him or herself. It is not too soon to begin this process as early as the ninth grade. As a matter of fact, there are numerous advantages to beginning early.

There are no shortcuts in determining where students will spend their college years. It takes time and organization to get to the answers needed to arrive at the appropriate final college choice. College can be a life-changing experience and can catapult a student to a lifetime of success and happiness.

Dr.  Wolosoff is the proud mom of two college graduate daughters, one of whom has graduated law school and is on her way to a post graduate law degree in taxation, the other a successful social media branding manager. Rachelle’s husband was an honors graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and participated in the Alumni Interview Program for the University of Pennsylvania admissions department.

Dr. Wolosoff is an independent college consultant, an award-winning National Board Certified educator, and former certified public accountant, who has been coaching students through the college search, application, essay and admissions process. She successfully works with U.S. and international college bound students, no matter where they are located, throughout the world, using the Internet. Her students have been successful in getting into their top choice schools, including the Ivies. 

Dr. Wolosoff continues to stay up to date with the college world by taking courses in the college consulting area. As an involved member of the Alumni Group of the University of Pennsylvania at the Penn Club, she meets with people who are tremendous resources to her and her students.

Rachelle’s schedule includes visiting colleges so she can transfer her knowledge to her students. As an adjunct professor, she has the benefit of knowing what goes on inside universities from a firsthand perspective.

Biography and Philosophy

Dr. Wolosoff has a doctorate in Education and has studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Change Leadership Group. Learning is Rachelle’s passion and she’s been told her excitement for learning is contagious.