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"We are all still walking on air and... Father and daughter have pressed the 'acceptance' button yesterday. Thank you again Rachelle for the commitment, passion and confidence you have shown guiding our daughter throughout her application process. You are as much to congratulate for the result that she has achieved."


"A special thanks to you for the great job you have done with Sally. We all know the final result and that just speaks for itself. She is so excited now and she can see that all the hard work for many years have paid off. Only disadvantage is that Stanford is quite far away from New York, so she will not be able to drop by now and then to update you in person about her college life."

-Anne, Beijing, China

"I personally want to thank you for how you've helped Jordan with his applications and essays. Wow, this one was a process! What you do is priceless, helping young people build their future is an awesome responsibility and parents need quality help sometimes. We are very grateful that we met you."

-Lillian and Tom

"David and I want to thank you sincerely for all the special attention you gave to Sam. Sam has come so far and we know that a large portion of the credit goes to you. Had you not pointed out the problems he was having in school and pursued it in a positive and loving way, the situation would have gone uncorrected. From this parent's perspective, you are ‘Teacher of the Year’ every year!"


“Dr. Wolosoff is meticulous and organized in her approach. She helps my daughter clarify her thought process and focus on what is essential in her preparation for college.”

-Sue, Mother of Grade 11 student, Singapore