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For 11th and 12th graders​

  • In-depth interview/questionnaire on college preferences of both student and parent 
  • Review of academic records such as academic transcript, standardized tests, and related documents 
  • Identification of student's strengths, interests, learning patterns, and learning goals through various inventories, as deemed necessary 
  • Testing recommendations (SAT, ACT, SAT II, TOEFL, when to schedule, is test prep necessary, etc.) 
  • Assistance in the creation and editing of the college resume for college applications and internships, using a specially formulated template
  • Preparation of a tailored list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student, classified by low, medium, and high chance of acceptance 
  • Use of proprietary software for college application organization and calendars of due dates 
  • Comprehensive College Essay Writing Workshop for generating essay ideas that helps the student stand out on the college applications 
  • Use of proprietary software that organizes and minimizes the total number of required essays to be written 
  • Essay topic brainstorming and editing of college essays 
  • UNLIMITED Essay editing of up to 10 colleges’ essays 
  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement and summer activities 
  • Advice on making successful college visits before, during, and after the visits 
  • Teacher recommendations and early filing advice 
  • Assistance with making the final choice when college offer letters are received 
  • Interview Assistance and Tips including mock interview 
  • Workshop on helpful tips on transitioning to and succeeding at college (post college selection) 
  • First year college interim follow-up 

Early Start Plan for 9th and 10th graders​

  • Review of academic records such as academic transcript, standardized tests, and related documents 
  • Review of student objectives and plan to achieve goals 
  • Course selection advice 
  • Extracurricular involvement advice 
  • Summer activity advice 
  • Testing recommendations 
  • Evaluation of how to increase grades 
  • Assistance with planning for college essays and teacher recommendations 

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