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Check out these useful college sites from around the web. Find information about college scholarships, college applications, or financial aid, or even learn some new SAT vocabulary.

After you’ve checked out these resources, check back with College Search Expert for a college consultation.


Official site for the ACT, including registration and college planning and admissions information.


Comprehensive site with information for both parents and students on college related matters including registering for the SAT. This is also the home site for the CSS/Profile financial aid form.


This site is for the common application form used by many colleges and universities. Information on college essay supplements can be found here.


The website for the FAFSA, the Free Application for Financial Aid.


Provides information about scholarships and the financial aid process.


Comprehensive information about the financial aid process, including finding scholarships.


Learn SAT Vocabulary Words With Vocab Videos: Learn 500 SAT vocabulary words! Vocab Videos is a highly effective video tutoring tool for SAT and ACT vocabulary test preparation. All vocabulary videos were selected based on extensive SAT vocabulary word research. Mention my name when you place your order.​​